A pre-departure note

July 5, 2009

Hello, all.

This is where I intend to keep y’all updated on where and how I am. I know I am not going to a super-exciting, dangerous, globally disputed region, but enough of you seem to want to know about my exploits that this seemed to be the easiest way to do it. I’ll try and be on no less than once a week, but I make no promises.

Tomorrow at eight in the a.m., I will be departing from the Greyhound station in Columbus, Ohio, and begin my journey across America, then the pacific. I’ll have my phone until the 16th, and then it’s either contact through letters, email, or skype.

skype name: tasia.karoutsos

email: tasia.karoutsos@mail.goucher.edu

Hope all is well.


One comment

  1. Dear Tasia,
    Hooray! The adventure begins! I am expecting copious amounts of mail of all sorts, but you know that, right? And as soon as you have an aussie address I’ll send you copious amounts of it too.

    So for now, a grand bon voyage! And may your greyhound travel on swift puppy-dog legs.


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