From July 9th

July 11, 2009

Hello, Friends and Lovers!

Greetings from I-25, en route from Colorado Springs, CO to Santa Fe, NM. It’s been a lovely trip thus far, full of azure skies and tiny adventures. Day one was just meeting up with Uday in Indianapolis, then meeting up with Andy in Springfield for a delicious meal. Next it was time to blast through the mid-west, which is the most mind numbing drive ever. I know that everyone knows that the mid-west is occupied by little more than planes, but until I drove it, I had no idea just how dull that could be.

But once we neared Denver, everything changed. The clouds turned out to be mountains in the distance, and it was a beautiful progression of atmospheric perspective for the rest of the day. We took a brief stop in Denver to walk about, and I hope to go back as soon as I get the chance. It seems like such a lovely city.

We headed out and found the Garden of the Gods: a majestic blend of rock formations, painted wonderfully. While we were there, we found a new traveling companion. One of the boys (I think it was Uday, as he tends to be most observant) noticed a small, plastic container sitting in a parking space, as we were getting ready to hit a new trail. Upon further investigation, we discovered that there was a red and purple fish floating near the top of the tank. We tapped on the glass, and the fish moved her fins, so we decided to take her in. Her water was about as murky as it comes, pouring brown onto the pavement when we changed it. With some fresh water, our new found fish seemed perkier, but still needing to recover. Andy and Uday made me promise not to name her until we knew if she was going to live. I promised not to, but, of course, already had found several suitable names.

After another hour or so of climbing rocks and photographic formations, we found our camp site for the night.. I brought the fish out of the car and set her in the cool evening air, and she seemed quite pleased with the entire situation. After a few hours, right before we went to bed, the boys let me name her. I ran the list of names past Andy: Hedwig, after the glamrock opera, since the fish was bright and shining and purple, Heidegger, because this fish was being very towards death when we found her, and Simone after my favorite philosopher, Simone de Beauvoir. So we settled on Simone Heidegger—The Angry Inch (had she died, her name would have been Timothy Treadwell).

Today we spent a few hours car-hiking up Pike’s Peak, reaching the 14,000 plus feet summit, feeling a special sort of lack of oxygen high, then driving the perilous mountain road back down. Tomorrow we spend with my favorite penguin, Izzy, and the rest of the Santa Fe crew, then it is off to Arizona!



  1. Andy WOULD be involved in naming a fish “Simone Heidegger-The Angry Inch.”

    Can’t wait to see you guys! I’m taking you out for Mexican food and possibly a show at this great tiny little indie art gallery/concert venue and whatever else you wanna do!

    It’s been 110+ every day here though, so be warned.

  2. and might I add, the fish is doing quite well. and I think it’s in love with the other fish, since all it does is stare longingly into the other tank and build a bubble nest. which is actually damn depressing on the one hand, because those fish will be forever separated by two shiny pieces of plastic and their scaly love will never come to fruition. but on the other hand, fish love is actually a pretty boring proposition all around so whatevs.

    I miss you already, ladylady.

  3. You have done well by the feesh friends, Tasia. Some day, they will repay you for your kindness <

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