July 30

July 30, 2009

Hello, All.

This fine Thursday morning (and I most certainly mean it, with shorts and tee-shirt sun and temperature at only 10:30 am) I have no lectures to attend, nor any tutorials in the near future, having finished my first week of classes. I have no big adventures to report, nor really any wonderful stories, but for those of you who care (like mother and extended family =]) I have decided to record my first impressions of my four courses.

Monday it was a late morning start with a lecture in Typeography first. The lecture was very basic, running through the history of cave paintings to pictographs to ideographs, then to a design struggle of the UPPER and lover case alphabets. Over all, the lectures seem mildy interesting, and I think I will never walk away from them feeling super-stressed out. I had a workshop at noon (which I didn’t know about until 12:30, so I, the only American, showed up rather late to class) which lasted 3 hours. Basically we show up, review the lessons from the book we are to have prepared, do a creative exercise, and maybe talk about an upcoming assesment. Gotta love them art classes.

Tuesday will be my “holy shit!” days, since I have a five hour block of classes, followed by an hour brak, and then one more hour of tutorial. The lectures I attended were History of Australian Pop Culture and Introduction to Creative Advertising. Hostory was presented by a substitue lecturer, so I have no real gage for how the class will run. In addition, the guest ended the lecture an hour and twenty minutes early. But he was a very brilliant man. I wish he taught at Goucher so that I could take courses with him when this semester is over. He talked oodles about non-linear histroy, contextual based research, and the crimes of letting information and knowledge stagnate. Hopefully my real professor is as awesome. Advertising is going to be my toughest class, I think. The professor is friendly, but seems strict, and you have to have a lot prepared for class every week. All of the lecture slides will be on the final, so I have tons of memorizing to do this term, and, as many of you know, my memory is not what it used to be. But advertising seems pretty intuitive, so I think if I can force myself to read the awful, dry, boring book every week, I’ll do okay.

The Wednesday was a return to the easy with my — wait for it — communication philosophy class. I had no clue this class with about philosophy, but the professor said we’d be “taking a philosophical approach to communication theory and ethics” and the text book has a chapter about dialectics, so I’m pretty stoked. My brain isn’t just going to turn to mush in the Australian sun, because I’m going to be thinking about philosophy! yay! The professor is very energetic and just a touch scary. Like, “I’ll be your bestest friend! But if you cross me, Imma EAT CHOO!” Nice.

Here are my notes from my lecture on Wednesday…:

Lecture 1
-Philosophical approach! Yay!
-No exam. Hell yeah
-Safe assignment? Must investigate
-Aw…first year philo-bros
-Hahaha…don’t like theory? Then GTFO mothafucka
-This is Water
-Lolz…she’s so bubbly (in reference to the professor)
-Damn, there’s mad blondes up in this peice
-I see what’s up…she’s (the professor) enthusiastic, but deadly, rather like a happy Tina Faye in Mean Girls
-Be Kant, only articulate and you’ll be awesome at communications

It looks like it’s going to be a good term =]


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  1. Philo-bros? nice.

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