5 August 2009

August 5, 2009

Hello, friends!

I have finally gotten out to the beach, and it was certainly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. My neighbor, Sam, took me to see a beach near where he’s from in Coolum, which is about 20 minutes away. I suppose I don’t really have a cute story to tell y’all. Just that I went to a beach and got to play in the ocean a little bit. The water was chilly, but what else would you expect in the winter? I charged the waves when they got uppity, and this seemed to amuse Sam. The sky turned shades of purple that I didn’t think it ever turned as the sun set behind us, and the water changed its tone accordingly. We looked for nice shells and played on some pretty black rocks jutting out of the sand. However we did find one scary thing, and that was a rock fish that had washed up on shore. The rock fish is apparently one of the most poisonous things that winds up on the beaches around here, second only to the blue ring octopus. And this fish looked like it could mess you up. But we avoided the fish and had an overall delightful evening.

Now I study and sit in my room, hoping that I can catch one of you kids on skype one day.



    What does a rockfish look like?
    I wanna skype with you toooo.
    I sent you a postcard from my vacation – did it get there okay?
    Miss you.

    • I tried to look up a picture of the type that I saw, but I didn’t see it. It was black and white and spikey!
      I haven’t gotten your postcard yet, but it take about 2 weeks for mail to get from here to there, so I’m sure it’ll arrive soon. I have a post card for you! I keep forgetting to mail it…and I sent some stuff for you to Andy, because I don’t have you address…
      incidentlly, can I have your address?
      And! We should skype. We can set up a time, if you’d like, or just keep trying to catch each other.
      Miiiss you, too

  2. I have to admit, I’ve been delinquent in reading your blog, but I want to keep up with how you’re doing down under. In the next few days I should be setting up a new Skype account too!

  3. Hey, I am waiting every night to be skyped –
    I get all kinds of IM’s from people wanting me to visit their web sites,
    but noooo Tasia,,,,,
    Just kidding ,

    I had a dream about you and fish(not your sister) and wanted to write.
    Its 5am, is this a good time to call????

    Talk to you soon

    Don’t talk to strangers

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