27 August 2009

August 27, 2009

I have decided to change the format of this blog slightly, and make it more day-to-day than just all of the super-mega-awesome-interesting moments (because I know you all think my life is SO fascinating).

Today has been lovely. I woke up to the sounds of the cleaning lady scolding my roommate for having dirty dishes on the counter, which was both understandable and uncalled for, and decided that it was a good idea to have a lazy morning in bed to avoid the situation. So I watched a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, then made some lunch. And after being inside for so many nice days in a row, decided to take a walk down to the corner store to buy more baking supplies. I’ve been baking cookies about once a week or so since I got here, so I decided to mix it up today with some brownies.

I’ve never made brownies from scratch before, so hopefully they aren’t too awful. I have a reputation to maintain as an excellent baker, after all (it’s true. My roommate, Sandy, said that he wants to keep me so that I can bake cookies for him all the time). Currently the potentially declious brownies are cooling on the counter, but even if they turn out less than satisfying, the experience was worth it. I got to walk in the sun, then avoid my homework by playing with food while watching Dr. Horrible, which after dozens of views, remains one of my favorite things ever. I can now quote nearly the entire movie, but it still gives me chills. Especially this smirk.

Neil Patrick Harris is adorable

So since I’ve been watching a lot of both Dr. Horrible and How I Met Your Mother, I have noticed links between Billy and Barney:
1. Both names start with a ‘B’
2. Both characters have blogs detailing their actions and philosophies
3. Both sing (although Barney has only done this 3 times)
4. Both have a style that is ‘elegant and creative’
5. Both spend a lot of time convincing women that they are shining examples of good people
6. Both seem like villains, but are really just good people with complexes
7. When Barney transforms from hippy to suit, he goes through a transformation montage that is almost identical to Dr. Horrible’s when he joins the ELE

They also share a line, but I can’t remember what it is. But when I heard Barney say it, I had a minor freak out.

I have a huge problem getting anything done in the daylight, it seems. I can do little projects, or practice my ukulele, but as far as the necessary, productive accomplishments, I can’t get them done. The sun is hanging a bit lower in the sky now, so I guess I’ll try and do something, like, you know, start that research for that paper that’s due tomorrow. You know, maybe….



  1. Dr. Horrible is pretty much the best thing ever. Joss Whedon is an awesome director, and Neil Patrick Harris is amazing.

    I recently found “The Guild” which is created by Felicia Day and Jed Whedon, and is a web series about Felicia Day as a loser RPG nerd. What’s better is the music video they made based on it/to promote it, “(Do you wanna date my) Avatar.”

    Also, the juxtaposed mentioning of Dr. Horrible and your ukulele reminded me that you said you’d play me a song from Dr. Horrible on said ukulele before you left. And you DIDN’T!

    Anyhow, brownies are delicious. I hope yours are up to snuff.

    <3 tess

    • It’s funny you should mention the Felicia Day thing, because my friend Drew just showed me the Wanna Date My Avatar thing two days ago. I can’t wait to watch it when I get home and, you know, don’t pay for internet again.

      And I’ve been practicing, so I’ll play it for you when I return stateside. Think of it as a Christmas present you can’t return no matter how hard you try.

  2. yay! i was watching how i met your mother last night! OMG same day! but anywho-sle. it is good to read your words and know you arent dead. btw, i am working on a few things to send your way so eventually…. mail for you!

  3. NPH is love. Wish I could have his babies, but alas.

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