Jam sessions in Mooloolaba and beyond

September 6, 2009

Last night was ridiculous. I know that I am prone to describing things as ridiculous, but, really, last night was ridiculous.

The night started with a wedding on the sand volleyball court, and ended with a jam session in Maroochydore with A Danish girl and four middle aged Australian siblings who had never been together in the same city before. Before that, the Danish girl, Bena, and I hitchhiked from who-knows-where to Mooloolaba, leaving the group of rude German boys we’d been wondering around with behind to find their own way home. When we got to Mooloolaba, Bena and I, because I was carrying my ukulele, since we were supposed to end up at a giant beach party, were invited by a street performer to join her. So we played for a drunken crowd for a while, and then got invited to Maroochydore to have a jam session with four siblings who had never been in the same city before this week.

All in all, it was a pretty worthwhile night, since I’ve come away with a nice little story. The above is an abridged version, but I think it gets the point across.

Look forward to a rant on marriage that has been inspired by events in the last month or so. It’s still stewing, but should be ready soon.



  1. Truly, that sounds ridiculous! I would love to hear more. I’m also interested in your marriage rant.

  2. To use a ND abbrev, so ridic.

    Bawwwww, I like marriage. But that’s just me, and I know the idea of marriage really really doesn’t work for some people. So try not to rant too hard, because it actually does work for some people. :)

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