feliz cumpleanos a mi?

September 30, 2009

As promised, here are a few quick notes about my birthday: that grand day that celebrates the fact that 20 years ago, my mommy went through oodles of pain and brought another person into an already over crowded world. Okay, okay, I’m not really that cynical about my birthday. Really, I just don’t much care about it. Especially this year. I’ve watched nearly all of my friends hit that 20 mark over the past 3 years, and most of them kind of freaked out a bit. “OMG the second decade of my life is over, I’m going to die someday, I have to grow up now and be a responsible member of society rah rah rah.” Yeah, time passing is kinds scary, and death is pretty grim to think about, and being an actual adult is intimidating, but why just save up all these thoughts for a day that really doesn’t mean too much outside of a medical context? I guess these are all things that I think about a lot, so maybe that’s why the one big day when I’m officially marked 20 doesn’t seem like anything too monumental to me.

And this year, half the planet between me and anyone that I really love, it just didn’t seem like any sort of big deal at all. I mean, I can use my birthday as an excuse to do things I want for a day with whom I want for a day, but in New Zealand, there wasn’t anyone I cared particularly about enough to want to do anything special. And I’m not sad about it. When I got back to the Sunshine Coast, there was a theory that we’d party it uuuuuup. But the people I mostly enjoy being around here, well, they just aren’t mad partiers, and neither am I. So Lauren bought some cupcakes, and her, Sam, Billy, Sandy, and I had a small, sugar-adled feast on Monday near dusk, and it was small and delightful, and that was honestly my favorite part of my birthday. Last year I had a really good time just sort of playing Apples to Apples with some Goucher kids on a Monday night, this year I had a really good time just eating a cupcake and watching people toss a tiny football. One little thing that makes a day out of the ordinary is really all I ever need for a good birthday.

So now I’m 20, and nothing is different than when I was 19, except I have to pause and thing about how old I am when someone asks, because it isn’t second nature yet.

It looks like I’ll be going to a couple of shows in Brisbane in the next few months, which should be good, as I’m usually pretty bored sitting around the Sunny Coast all the time. Sandy and I are going to hit up a Bluejuice show next months, and then I’ll be going to a Leftover Crack show in November right after/before exams. I’m not sure which, but it’s reeeeeally close. Side note: an Irish guy I met on my birthday knows who Leftover Crack is and can quote them to me. Nice.


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  1. Even though I only turned 20 like, the day before you did… not a big deal. I won’t get scared until 25, because then HOLY CRAP QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS. As long as we’re still being educated (college, grad school) we have the freedom of making some truly terrible and not too life-altering decisions.

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