November 2, 2009

As you may or may not know, Halloween is, by far, my favorite holiday. It has been for a long time, and here are a few of the reasons:
>I do not have to spend money on presents
>No one has to spend money on presents
>Rocky Horror Picture Show
>Wearing as much blood as you want and being able to take offense when people look at you weird
>Dressing in costumes all day
>Free candy
>Scaring children
>Giant costume parties

Well, internationally speaking, people just don’t care as much as I do about this wonderful day. Europe doesn’t observe it, and Australia still thinks it’s strange, even though they’re beginning to come around. So, expectedly, my hope for this being a worthwhile and noteworthy Halloween was fairly non-existent. Well, my expectations were shattered beautifully.

Apparently there are enough Americans and Canadians living in this complex to get a lot of people pumped up about dressing up, because Varsity was a wreck in the most wonderful way possible. First, there were the costumes. I went as Hunter S. Thompson, Sam as Nikola Tesla, Kat as Cleopatra, Anna as a Cowgirl, and, well, tons of others, including a condom, the guy from Operation, and Magnum PI. I guess there aren’t really any singularly epic stories that are appropriate for here. Really, not much happened. There were huge parties, I walk around a lot, the cops got called, but no one really got arrested or in too much trouble. Security was on our side, promising not to break up and parties until they got a complaint, so we were able to stay foolish and idiotic for quite a few hours.

It was just a very pleasent evening. I hung out with people I knew, but usually don’t chill with, and had a really good time. Which surprised me a bit, because we’re very different. I mean, not enough to not like them. They’re really all good people, and throw very good parties, but, you know, I just try and make sure not to talk about anything too strange. Except with Bine, who is doing a giant research paper on transvestites. She’s pretty amazing. We went on a walk with Kat last night, and it was delightful. We’ve planned another for tonight.

So international Halloween was a win. I had so much fun and got to go as my favorite jounralist.

To those of you who like to send me letters, this week is the last chance that you can send them and I’ll be sure to get them. Before Friday is the best, otherwise they might not get here before I leave.


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