Another day, another chopping

November 6, 2009

Gearing up for my epic stint of homelessness in Australia, I’ve decided to chop off all my hair. While these two things seem to be very loosely correlated, I promise they are not.
1. It is very hot, and I’ll be mostly outside, so this makes my head less unhappy.
2.When I get antsy, I feel the need to do drastic things, and I’m too poor for tattoos and piercings.
3. No house=no shower, and no hair is easier to not care about than lots of hair is.
So here are the results:

even less hair!

the back

Okay, I’ll stop being vain now. But, I do enjoy the breeze on my scalp, and will until I get back to Ohio and die of hypothermia.

Anywho! The adventure is getting real, and I’m so pumped and nervous. My back pack came in the mail, so now I have a way to carry all my shit around, which is good news. I wish I had some cash, but I think I can do this without much.

17 days and counting.


So, Batman Forever has been one of my favorite 90s movies for a long while. My sisters and I watched it allll the time back in the day, and I just saw it on TV again, and I still defend its awesomeness with vigor. Here’s why:
-It looks like a comic book: the sets are in negative space, there’s random fog everywhere, and people always look like they are wearing costumes or make-up
-The villains seem to come straight from a comic, acting over the top and with a sense of humor
-Jim Carry
-There is a very specific aesthetic sense to the movie that is very, very rare and very, very appealing
-The director relies on internal logic the same way a comic book artist does. You have to accept the fact that The Riddler can pull information out of people’s heads and so many other obviously ridiculous things
-The movie makes fun of itself and the Bat-verse in general (“Holy rusted metal, Batman!” “What?” “These rocks are made out of metal, rusty, and full of holes. You know, rusty!”)
-It’s just fun, like Super Hero comics are supposed to be

There are bad things, too:
-Val Kilmer’s acting
-Sometimes things are just too cheap
-Sometimes the style runs away and takes understanding with it

But, on the whole, I prefer Batman Forever to Dark Knight. Dark Knight is about what Batman would be like in real life, while Batman Forever is a crazy fan boy showing everyone his vision. And I like my Super Hero movies to acknowledge how silly the are. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved the Dark Knight, but this movie is just more enjoyable for me.



  1. oh wow! i wasn’t sure how you’d look with short hair, but that looks amazing!

    have fun and stay safe and all that, and I can’t wait for you to get back!

    <3 tess

  2. aw…thanks, Tess! I was pretty scared when I sat down, but I’m pretty pleased with the results. You’re on my list of people to inform first thing I after I get through customs in the States, so look forward to a early message =]

    • i feel so special :)


    I really really like your new hairs. Youse a pretty.

  4. Not boyish at all. You pull it off well. And short hair is why scarves were invented. I can knit you an awesome one if you want to go with your new haircut but no promises about when you’d get it ;)

    And I haven’t seen Batman Forever, but I think I bought it out of a WalMart bin for $3 or something. I’ll have to do that over Christmas break. I just love the Batman ‘verse in general.

  5. Kiss From a Rose was in Batman Forever… there’s another plus. :)

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