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December 23, 2009

As a good deal of you know, I have returned from the land Down Under and now reside in the snowy mess that is Ohio. While I have grown to appreciate Ohio, I must say I still don’t like much about winter. I love the distinctly winter smell and watching snow fall, but I really don’t enjoy most of the rest. You know, tires sliding, bottoms of pants always being damp, scratchy throats, cold noses, the works.

Let me take this chance to address the two questions I have recieved most from both Australians and Americans:
1. Is it good to be home?
2. Do you think you’ll ever go back to Oz?

As to the first, yes, I am glad to be home. When I was trapped in the horrible place that is Coober Pedy, I was the most homesick I have ever been. Probably because when we are in a miserable situation, we all seek home, and I certainly was not too please to be there most of the time. I wished to go to Ohio and Maryland and Sippy Downs, because those are the places that house the people I associate most strongly with feelings of comfort and home. It’s neat to have so many options of places to return to. But it is good to be back in Ohio.

As to the second, I can’t tell if I’ll ever return. I assume that I will, because I’d be very sad to never see Sandy, Billy, Sam, and Lauren ever again, as I feel so close to them. Depending on the money I can save, I’d love to go to a music festival next year or the year after in Oz, because they’re just so epic over there. I’ll admit, I didn’t fall as in love with Australia as everyone else seems to. I did like it. I enjoyed my time there, and I would love to return and see all of the natural wonders I missed out on this time. But I have a lot more world to see, so I am aware that I might not have the time, desire, and cash to hop across the Pacific for quite some time. I’m not opposed in any way to going back, but I’m not as enthusiastic as everyone expects me to be.

That being said, I am so incredibly glad I went for the semester. I learned a lot about myself and another culture. I had a fairly drama free existance because I was close to so few people, and they’re all pretty chill. The others with all the social explosions I didn’t care about enough to get wrapped up in the shit fights. The academics were really easy for me, and I look forward to a challenging semester back at Goucher. But I did learn that I’m actually a pretty savvy public speaker and can write sassy and yet academic papers better than a lot of kids.

Really, the most important things I learned were how to create my own contentment, how to become happy after being so sad or homesick, how to appreciate myself inwardly and outwardly, and that the power of positive thought isn’t all about hippie bullshit, but it’s also a useful tool. I figured out how to live with no money and that I can carry a lot more weight on my back for long periods of time in extreme heat than I thought I could. I learned some songs on the ukulele and read enough books outside of class to make me feel accomplished.

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I missed having certain types of relationships, and as a result spent a lot of time restlessly searching for some way to replace them. I also had my Nikon D50 stolen while on the Greyhound bus, along with all of the photos from the last 2 weeks of my backpacking. I was often made uncmfortable about my sexuality, barely ever finding anyone deviant to talk to about certain ideas and feeling I expereinced. While my friends don’t get awkward when I say the silly things I do about my sexuality, I could always tell a lot of those who were less close to me did, and I know that they would gossip about it behind my back. Fortunately I genuinely didn’t care enough to have my feelings hurt. I saw a lot more racism than I’m used to seeing and had difficulty finding anyone else with a very feminist standpoint, so I felt like a good portion of my thought and ethics were less than appreciated.

But on the whole, I’m certain this was a positive expereince.

As for this blog, I’m going to keep it rolling. I still have tons to say about most things, and have found it super helpful to be able to write them down here. I understand if most of you don’t want to follow anymore, since you were probably in it to read about the crap I was doing while I was so far away, but since I barely wrote about that anyway, I figured I might retian some readers.

I’ll make a post shortly about some of my back packing travels, because it was a really fun 3 weeks.



  1. I’ll keep reading! :)

    • Yay! Since yours is the approval I crave the most =]

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