Pity party of 1

February 16, 2010

Shocker! I’m bad at keeping up with something I enjoy keeping up with because I’m busy attempting to keep up with things I’ll never be able to keep up with. Usually I’d post something quasi-intellectual here, but for now, I’d rather explain my horrible inability to write something for this blog.

I’m taking 6 classes this term totaling 17 credit hours. 6 Classes, kids.
Writing in Communications
Research Methods in Communications
Consumerism and the Environment
Wellness (or Bullshit. You know, whatever)
Making Sense of Popular Culture
Topics in Philosophy: Psychoanalysis

I know, the fun never ends. This is one class shy of what we took in high school (before this eight class crap), and it’s leaving me both a bit fried and a bit apathetic. I think if it was coursework alone, I’d have few problems, but I’m also holding down two jobs. Here are my hours:
Monday: Freeeeeeee!!!
Tuesday: 4am-8am Library
Wednesday: 12pm-6pm Forever 21
Thursday: 4am-8am Library
Friday: 8am-10am Library, 4pm-12am Forever 21
Saturday: 4pm-12pm Forever 21
Sunday: 12pm-7pm Forever 21
That’s roundabout another 40 hours of junk I do a week that is not school-related, which is plus or minus depending on the fickle Forever 21 scheduling gods.

In addition, I’m very active in the Women in Philosophy group we have here. Most of my time not in class or at work has been spent reading and designing for this group, which has been amazing. I love these parts of my days more than any other. They make me feel more intellectually stimulated than an entire Tuesday of classes, and I wouldn’t scale back my involvement one bit.

I’m not trying to win sympathy. I quite enjoy working in this stressful state, because it typically makes me more efficient and effective with everything in my life. Well, except for social aspects, which basically disappear with each new obligation I take on. I have a lot of trouble motivating myself to do much when I don’t feel completely overwhelmed. The down side is that I am near to panic attacks for a large amount of my day, and that makes me less empathetic and sympathetic than usual. If I end up offending you by being cold, please tell me to shove it and/or start acting like a person again. I promise I need the reminder every now and then.

And now I’m off to research about fatphobia and it’s perpetuation by the health care industry via it’s unethical use of surveillance systems. Fun times, bro.


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  1. wow.


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