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“Did you come over the hill?!”

September 25, 2009

First off, let me mention that I found another connection to Barney Stinson and Dr. Horrible:
In season 1, episode 15 of How I Met Your Mother, Barney transforms from a hippie about to join Green Peace to the womanizing, suit wearing bro he is today using a transformative montage that is exactly like…
In Dr. Horrible, when he moves from a small time evil-doer to a major evil superpower, and he suits up in his new red lab coat.

Count it.

More records from New Zealand (which I’m sure will be the subject of this blog for quite a while, since nothing ever happens at the Sunshine Coast).

On our 3rd (?) day in New Zealand, the girls and I stopped off at this little town right before Nelson and saw a very awesome, very old little brewery town, where we had a beer tasting and saw a very old airplane. While we were having our lunch in the parking lot (because we had rented a camper van with a ‘kitchen’ in the boot), a man approached us, and asked us where we were going. “West,” we said, and he told us not to before we went north to a pub, whose name is escaping me right now. But it was promoted as on the Lonely Planet’s top 10 best pubs in the world, so off we went in search of glory and beer.

3 hours and one very tricky mountain later, we arrived at the pub, hidden behind some trees in a remote area with nothing else around. We approached the bar, only to discover that it was closed until September 14th, two days after we were set to be on the west coast. We walked around the complex, finding a giant tire swing, a really cool cell phone pole, and generally eccentric and nifty decore.

But the problem remained that we were three hours north of where we wanted to be, and there was only one way to get to the West coast, which was back the way we came, another 3 hours over the huge mountain. So we decided to check out the little town marked on our map, Collingwood, because, hey, we’ve made it this far, right? Since the town is on the map, we assume it has to be big enough to give us a reason to get out of the car for an hour or so. And we were a little bit right.

The town was tiny. Like Plain City tiny, with one main road and no cars anywhere. We parked the car in front of a library where a bunch of 13-or-so-year-olds were hanging around. Yes, the town is so small that the place to be for misguided and bored youths is the library. Our van, which was a Wicked Camper (not this one, but an awesomeer one), attracted the attention of all of these youths. When we left the van, they asked us tons of questions, especially after finding out that we were from Germany and the US. “Do you have KFC?” “Did you come over the hill?” “Do you drink?” “Do you smoke?” “Are you from Amsterdam?” It was adorable. They told us that the beach was pretty cool, so we checked it out for a bit. It was kind of gross, but my standards have been raised quite a lot by Australia.

I went back to the car at one point to grab my uke, and the kids, including some who had not been there before, were all still loitering around. They asked me to play a song, and I said “no” and they pestered and pestered, until I decided to play one of the 2 songs I know all the way through for them, ‘Such Great Heights’ by Iron & Wine. When I finished they were like “Cooooooool! Play something else! Something we know!” and one of the boys yelled “Play ‘Enter Sandman’ from Metallica!” Okay, the ukulele does not lend itself to Metallica. I laughed, and eventually the Germans came back, and we asked where there was to get dinner around town. They pointed to what turned out to be the only restaurant in town, which was pretty tasty, but way expensive.

Then we started our 3 hour drive back down the mountain, finally parking at a McDonald’s and sleeping for the night.

Next up, I guess I’ll do a birthday post, since people keep telling me it’s a big deal.


27 August 2009

August 27, 2009

I have decided to change the format of this blog slightly, and make it more day-to-day than just all of the super-mega-awesome-interesting moments (because I know you all think my life is SO fascinating).

Today has been lovely. I woke up to the sounds of the cleaning lady scolding my roommate for having dirty dishes on the counter, which was both understandable and uncalled for, and decided that it was a good idea to have a lazy morning in bed to avoid the situation. So I watched a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, then made some lunch. And after being inside for so many nice days in a row, decided to take a walk down to the corner store to buy more baking supplies. I’ve been baking cookies about once a week or so since I got here, so I decided to mix it up today with some brownies.

I’ve never made brownies from scratch before, so hopefully they aren’t too awful. I have a reputation to maintain as an excellent baker, after all (it’s true. My roommate, Sandy, said that he wants to keep me so that I can bake cookies for him all the time). Currently the potentially declious brownies are cooling on the counter, but even if they turn out less than satisfying, the experience was worth it. I got to walk in the sun, then avoid my homework by playing with food while watching Dr. Horrible, which after dozens of views, remains one of my favorite things ever. I can now quote nearly the entire movie, but it still gives me chills. Especially this smirk.

Neil Patrick Harris is adorable

So since I’ve been watching a lot of both Dr. Horrible and How I Met Your Mother, I have noticed links between Billy and Barney:
1. Both names start with a ‘B’
2. Both characters have blogs detailing their actions and philosophies
3. Both sing (although Barney has only done this 3 times)
4. Both have a style that is ‘elegant and creative’
5. Both spend a lot of time convincing women that they are shining examples of good people
6. Both seem like villains, but are really just good people with complexes
7. When Barney transforms from hippy to suit, he goes through a transformation montage that is almost identical to Dr. Horrible’s when he joins the ELE

They also share a line, but I can’t remember what it is. But when I heard Barney say it, I had a minor freak out.

I have a huge problem getting anything done in the daylight, it seems. I can do little projects, or practice my ukulele, but as far as the necessary, productive accomplishments, I can’t get them done. The sun is hanging a bit lower in the sky now, so I guess I’ll try and do something, like, you know, start that research for that paper that’s due tomorrow. You know, maybe….